Dyna-Crete is a family run business which works to resolve foundation and concrete construction issues. We are pleased to service commercial and residential markets, whether it is new construction or problems with an existing structure. We pride ourselves on educating our clients so they feel well informed to make the best decisions regarding repairs or construction requirements through our services of Underpinning, Helical Piles, Slab Jacking and Water Stop systems. We invite you to contact us with questions through our website or over the phone and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.



Residential Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Raising sunken concrete – Slab jacking


Mudjacking or slabjacking is the process of lifting concrete slabs by pumping a grout mixture under concrete.

A series of strategic holes are drilled in the slab (1 and 9/16″ diameter hole) to allow proper placement of the grout under the slab.


Piles and structural supports

helical_commercialServices we provide for Foundations and Anchoring, Helical Pulldown Micropile, Helical Spacing, Helical Tiebacks, Instant Foundation for Bollard Walkway Lighting, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Street Lights and Signs, Lighting Foundations, Power System Foundations, Power System Installed Foundation Anchors, Soil Screw for Retention Wall System and Telecom Structures.


Foundation leaks

foundationleak_residentialThere is a common saying in the concrete industry, “Concrete Cracks”. Cracking is a part of the curing process, as concrete will shrink as it cures causing cracks to form. As a result, it is common to find cracks in concrete walls and floors. In fact, it is very difficult to find a concrete wall or floor that does not have a crack.


Urethane injection – Water stop systems

urethane_commercialSystems we use for urethane injection, water stop systems. Urethane injection will cure the presence of water, active cracks are easily injectable with it.


Foundation repair – Underpinning

foundationrepair_residentialSystems we use; Helical Micro Pulldown, Instant Foundations for Streetlights and Signs, Solid Foundation Solution for Homeowners, The Chance Helical Pier Foundation System.


Void filling- Raising sunken concrete

concreteraising_commercialSuitable applications for mudjacking include driveways, walkways, garage pads, basement floors etc.